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Basketball Play Designer v10 - 2012 Edition

Save time & money - Create, edit, animate & share basketball plays & playbooks.

Football Play Designer | Football Coaching Software to Create A Customized Football Playbook

Play Designer Features:

The Play Designer Series has many features for you to create plays with.  Below are the major pieces of functionality that make Football Play Designer the easiest, most affordable, and coolest way to create your football plays!

General Features Play Creation:

  • Create Unlimited Offensive Plays
  • Create Unlimited Defensive Sets
  • Create Drills 
  • Depth Charting ('09 or greater)
  • Place one to fifty players in a play (great for any sports and flexible for all rules)
  • Choose Key Positions for Your Sport - Offensive / Defensive / Special Teams
  • Offensive Positions that can be easily customized with your own Labels
  • Defensive Positions that can be easily customized with your own Labels
  • Standard Playbook Shapes (Circle, Half-Filled, Diamond, Square)
  • Generic Players Added (X's and O's for Quick Play Creation)
  • Referee Positions
  • For Football, create Motion Routes
  • Create sequences - - plays made up of many parts - The designer can split the play and compile as one image
  • Show arrows, picks, continuation lines, backpedal/reduced speed routes
  • Graphic User Modification (Smaller Graphics for Your Customization
  • Play Properties allow you to type anything you describe your play
  • Add Play Instructions that will aggregate into the Play Properties Description ('09 or greater)
  • Utilize Robust Player Properties to Easily Make Line, Zone, Read Changes

Advanced Features / Play Creation:

  • Creating Your Play 
  •      Simply click through your line to draw
  •      Ability to Edit Your Line Easily
  •      Ability to Toggle a Curved or Straight Line
  •      Change Style and Color of Passing Lines
  •      Simulates Handoffs and Passes
  •      Add Read or Options Graphics to Highlight/Show more then one option
  •      Add Zone Graphics to highlight responsibility (zones, etc.)
  •      Draw Different Color Lines for Coaching Representations 
  •      Draw Different Style Lines for Coaching Representations 
  •      Passing Line Dynamically Shown to Help Diagram Your Plays
  •      Alignment Functionality (north/south & east/west alignment)
  •      Add Quick Set (add one to 24 players at a time)
  •      Custom Labels for All Players - Great For All Ages and Concepts
  •      Custom Route Labels for All Players - Great For All Ages and Concepts
  •      Active Player Highlight
  •      Use Action Area to Define Grouping for Alignment or Route Copy
  •      Draw Hot Routes / Edit w/ Ease
  • Create Play Sequences (Show Your Play in Frame)
  •      Flip Through Play Sequences (Sequence Mode)
  •      Compile the Entire Play as One Graphic (View Mode)
  • Simulate & Animate Game Play
  • Using Your Plays Again
  •      Utilize Formation from Previously Saved Play (never create formations twice)
  •      Flip Entire Plays for Easy Reverse Play Construction
  •      Flip Individual Players for Easy Reverse Route Construction
  •      Utilize One Play to Add to Another Play
  •      Add any Play to any existing play (e.g. add a defense to an offense)
  • Learning Mode
  •      Put Your Designer in Learning Mode and spotlight players to help teach plays
  • Save to Video
  •      Save the play animation to a video file using the core designer and the video add-on

Software Functionality:

  • Save Unlimited Plays
  • Print Plays to PDF
  • Save Plays to Video File
  • Create Playbooks with the PDF Add-On (details)
  • Create Web Playbooks with the Web Add-On (details)
  • Save Picture Files & Utilize in Your Custom Playbooks 
  • Describe Player Role and View On-Screen 
  • Open More than One Window at a Time
  • Play Description & Scouting Notes
  • Open Play as Template
  • Change Route Colors
  • Create Passing Trees and Gap Diagrams for Football

Coaching Features:

  • Multiple Screen Option for Viewing / Comparing Plays On-Screen
  • Add Your Own Position Names to the Plays for Younger Children

Playbook / Add-On Functionality :

  • Add-On Functionality to Instantly Compile Plays to a PDF Playbook ('06 or greater)
  • Add-On Functionality to Instantly Compile Plays to a Kindle Ready Playbook http://dtp.amazon.com ('12 or greater)
  • Add-On Functionality to Instantly Compile Plays to Web-Ready Presentations (07 or greater)
  • Add-On Functionality to Instantly Compile Plays to Image Files ('08 or greater)
  • Add-On Functionality to Create Video Files for Each Play you Select ('11 or greater)
  • Add-On Functionality to Simply Compile Plays List ('09 or greater)
  • Add-On Functionality Will Allow you to Label Your Images
  • Add-On Functionality Will Allow you to Show Total View or Show Each Sequence
  • Add-On Functionality to Create Rosters ('09 or greater)
  • Ability to save Playbooks in All Playbook Add-Ons as a Playlist
  • Background Override in Playbooks to Force similar backgrounds

Planning Practices :

  • Add-On Functionality to Create Practice Plans to PDF ('07 or greater)


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