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Football Play Designer v10 - 2012 Edition

Save time & money - Create, edit, animate & share football plays & playbooks.

Football Play Designer | Football Coaching Software to Create A Customized Football Playbook


Football Play Designer v10 - 2012 Edition (features / what is new in v10) & (testamonials) offers the most affordable and easy way to design, animate and share football plays and create football playbooks for your team. If you are a youth, high-school, college or recreational coach looking to easily create plays on a computer and share them with your team, consider the Play Designer series. You recieve all FIVE sports w/ the purchase of ONE. We offer a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee on all purchases, and a free upgrade to the next version for all of our products. 

  • CREATE & EDIT an unlimited about of full plays, drills and diagrams.
  • ANIMATE your plays and save them to movie files to share over the internet or via e-mail
  • CREATE INSTANT PLAYBOOKS of your plays for practice, game planning, or full playbooks.
  • PRINT your plays and playbooks either to pdf files to e-mail them or straigh to the printer
  • SHARE with your team via mobile solutions or via youtube, e-mail.
  • TEAM LICENSE each license is approx $10 dollars per install - you can install on five machines - Great for teams & multiple PCs.
  • INFO SITE training videos available on our help and info site - minutes to learn to use.
  • JOIN the over 10,000 coaches using our software for your playbook needs today.

Download Today for Only $54.99  - Our competitors sell similar software for over $250.  Our packages range from $54.99 - $90, can be installed on FIVE machines and you get all FIVE sports for the price of ONE! Where else can you get a easy to use program that will allow you to create a fully customizable playbook to win your league?!!

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Full Screen Play Designer Demos

Check Out the Playbook Add-On Series for Play Designer 
1) pdf playbook designer 2) web playbook designer 3) video playbook tool, an 4) image output tool.

Check Out the Coaches Utility Add-On Series for Play Designer 

1) practice planner, an and a 2) roster tool.


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Create Animated Plays - E-Mail, Share On-Line - Great for Teaching Plays!(read more):


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  • Check out the Add-Ons:
         PDF Playbook Add-On
         Video Playbook Add-On
         Web Playbook Add-On
         Image Playbook Add-On
         Roster Add-On
         Practice Planner Add-On

  • Building a Play in Play Designer

  • Click for a Full Screen Images 

  • Extremely easy to use / Thousands of Users in over 41 countries!

  • Create Fully Customized Offensive Plays, Defensive Plays, and Drills

  • Flip Plays and Re-Use Plays/Formations to Facilitate your Playbook creation process

  • Great for any League You Play In - create any combination of players.

  • Select from An Assortment of Offensive & Defensive Positions

  • Ability to draw plays with any amount of players on each side

  • Play Animation for Virtual View & Save to Video and Share On-Line

  • Create your Very Own Plays with All Different Configurations.

  • Custom Labels and Descriptions for Each Position on the Field

  • Save your Plays as Pictures and Print Them in Word or Other Graphic Apps

  • Save and Share your Plays with Your Friends (add-ons)

  • Dynamically increase or decrease  graphic size to allow for larger amount of players / field scale

  • Select from Field Backgrounds, Just Grid Lines, or Completely Blank Backgrounds

  • Several add-ons available to create a professional playbook, videos, practice plan, and/or web site.

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