About Us

At WheelBarrow Software, we believe that coaching software should be both easy to use and affordable.  We strive to provide software that helps streamline the play design process for coaches, allowing you to spend more time working with your players and less time at the computer.  

WheelBarrow Software was created in 2002 and our marquee products, Football Play Designer and Basketball Play Designer were released as v1 in 2003.  Throughout the years we have added advanced features to the software and additional sports, including Soccer, Lacrosse, and Hockey.   In 2007 our PDF Playbook designer was released to promote electronic sharing of playbooks - This key feature allows you to cut down on the printouts, copies and handouts and to distribute the plays to fellow coaches and players quickly and easily.  Saving plays in the PDF format also allows you to upload your files to a free file share (such as dropbox) and view them on any device.   

We do not believe in charging monthly membership or maintenance fees.  We have worked hard to provide you with a tested and proven product for a one time cost.  Our product does not expire.  Once you’ve created your plays, they are yours to keep, update and share for as long as you’d like.  Our software comes with five licenses, for you to use or share with your team at your own discretion.  Only those coaches who will be drawing and editing the plays actually need the software.  Everyone else can view the file in its PDF format for free.

We believe in providing the best support possible to our customers.  That’s why we’ve taken time to develop tutorials explaining each of the products key features and demonstrating helpful shortcuts.  All of these videos can be viewed via our website, under the help tab.  And of course, we’re always here should you have any additional questions.

With over 14,000 coaches in 41 different countries using our software, we feel confident in saying that our software is a useful tool for youth sports coaches everywhere.